Smart College Dorm Living Tricks


College is right around the corner, and you’re probably already panicking/dreading being confined to that tiny dorm room.

Living in a dorm can be stressful enough without trying to figure out where to keep all your things. And since you’re going to be spending a lot of time there, you want it to be as nice and organized as possible. You’re strapped for space and cash, and on top of it all, you want to make the best of your time in college.

Well don’t worry, Homz has it handled! We have the best solutions to help you optimize space in your dorm room this school year. Having all your things organized in a way that’s efficient, convenient, and easy to access will make college life that much easier. These tips and tricks should help you have a better, more organized college living experience.


Hooked on Organization

Home Organization

Floor to ceiling, your dorm may be packed full of stuff already, but what about the walls? Hooks can come in handy to utilize that unused space! Using our Metal Oval Hooks to hang all sorts of items can help save space, and are convenient for things you need to reach frequently. Got a long cord that you don’t know where to put when you aren’t using it? Hang it on a hook. Always losing your keys? Put a hook near the entrance to your room so you can quickly grab them on your way in (or out!) the door.

Placing hooks on the inside of cabinet doors can also be a good way to save some space. The hooks can be used to hang anything, from jackets to back packs and curtains to bath towels. These hook hacks will help you create more places in your dorm to store things!

Clothespins are small and perfect for the dorm, use them to dry delicate clothes on laundry day or to mark your place in while reading. Another great method for organizing is to use clothespins to plan your days.

Color-coordinate each clothespin to match a day of the week. Next, you can hang cards on the wall off of a string that has your tasks, assignments, or jobs written on them to help plan your week. Reasonably priced, grab a 36-pack on Amazon HERE.




Art of the Carts


Carts with drawers are the best clutter cutters in the dorm! They can do double duty as a night stand or maximizing storage under a lofted bed. Container carts with drawers can store a lot more than you might initially think. While obvious for storing paper and tools, they also work great for storing other items too.

Color-coding a drawer for each category of item is a superb way of keeping things tidy. For a fun DIY project, create name cards with classes or paint the drawer to match the dorm décor. You could use blue, for pants or green for t-shirts, and so on. Clothing is a good thing to store in drawers since you can easily see what is inside. Using carts to store clothes can also free up some space in your closet. Having a drawer for each different category of clothing will help you keep your clothes neat. Take labeling up a notch and add an element of DIY. Grab a brush and some chalkboard paint, coating only the front exterior of the drawers. Once dry, use chalk to label contents or write fun notes for your roommate!

Another great use for the carts is to designate a drawer to each class you have. This is a good way to keep your classes orderly. With all the books you will be reading, having a place to store them all will help save you time and space. Pickup yours today at Target, Walmart or Amazon.



Dress for Success

Garment Care

Ironing boards are an essential item for college. Even better, a counter top ironing board will conserve space and still let you iron those wrinkly clothes. Maybe you don’t have time to fold them nicely after you wash them. That’s where the ironing board comes in handy. Easy to store in a closet or under the bed, the countertop ironing board will help you maintain that well-kept look. Check out the Homz Anywhere board on Amazon.




Additional Tips

Under the bed instead

If you have any room under your bed, that is more room you can use for storage! A tote to store under your bed will be very handy. You’ll be able to store things out of sight, while also being able to keep a decent amount of stuff within reach when you need it. Good for clothes, Ironing boards, shoes, you name it! 4 Pack of under-bed storage is perfect for organizing and keeping it all together!