Prep the Playroom – Pre-Holiday Organization


You’ve heard of spring cleaning, but what about pre-holiday organization? Your kids already have too many toys and they are about to get even more. This time of year is notorious for bringing insanity and clutter. Get ahead of the seasonal mess, check out these Homz-approved tips and tricks to prep the playroom!

But before you start the organization, get ready to purge. Go through everything in the playroom and decide which toys your family will keep, throw out or give away. By getting rid of trash and donations, there will be a lot less to handle when you bring out the bins to start sorting. And after clearing out the junk, vacuum and wipe everything from floor to ceiling and make the room feel fresh.

Rope Handle Tub - 17 GallonThree Tier Mobile Cart

  1. Stuffed Animals
    Somehow, stuffed toys seem to multiply by themselves. Grab a Rope Handle Tub and contain the craziness before your house becomes a zoo.
  2. Favorite Toys
    With multiple kids, it’s hard for everyone to have their own space. Put a 3-Drawer Medium Cart in the playroom and assign each kiddo a drawer for their favorite toys and supplies. You can also use this idea to teach your little ones how to keep their own space clean and organized.
  3. LEGOs and Barbies
    There is nothing worse than stepping on a LEGO or Barbie shoe (especially after you thought you picked them all up)! Avoid the pain with Clear Totes to sort and store every piece while saving floor space. Plus, the handles on these totes make it easy to transport toys to another room in the house!
  4. Dress Up Clothes
    Keeping dress up clothes in a bin is a recipe for disaster – the little ones will just take everything out to find the dress they really want! To make the next fashion show run smoothly and save floor space, store outfits, accessories and shoes in a 3 Drawer Mobile Cart.
  5. Puzzles and Games
    Puzzles and games can easily get out of control and the different sized boxes are impossible to keep orderly. With Underbed Wood Storage, you can stash everything away. And a fun, chalkboard label front lets you see what’s inside without pulling it out.
  6. Everything Else!
    Take the guesswork out of cleanup time and use clear storage. The increased visibility of Plastic Storage Boxes allows your kiddos see where toys should go and to find them easily when it’s time to play again.

Small tasks, like choosing the right storage containers, can help ensure you have more fun (and less stress!) each holiday. And check back with Homz for post-holiday organization ideas.