How to Organize the Crazy Coat Closet


You may not realize, but your coat closet is one of the most important places in your house when the temperatures start to drop outside. It holds everything you need to brave the weather. It’s easy to forget about keeping the closet tidy until you have guests and you’re forced to open it in front of them! Keep reading for some tips to keep your entryway ready for anything, and say goodbye to the clutter shame with Homz®!


  1. Hang it All Up

Coats and jackets are cold weather must-haves, so treat them like it. Use sturdy Homz® Tubular Plastic Hangers to keep outerwear in order and off the floor. Hooks can provide a place to hang more coats or backpacks and purses without taking away valuable floor space. Even with a small closet, the possibilities are endless when you use every inch of space.

HOMZ® PRO TIP: Take your organization a step further by installing a rod low enough for your kiddos to hang up their own coats, giving them independence (and one less pile of coats on the floor.)


  1.    When in Doubt, Sort it Out

Gloves, hats and scarves seem to multiply each year, so put them in their place with the Homz® Clear Storage Totes. Designate each tote to one seasonal accessory or give each family member their own to contain it all.

HOMZ® PRO TIP: Personalize your closet by taking pictures of family members and putting the prints on the front of the totes so everyone knows where to put their stuff!


  1.     To save even more floor space, use the Homz® Over the Door Organizer.

Not just for shoes! Utilize door space for personal accessories like hats, gloves or scarves. You can assign each member of the family their own space so they’ll know where to put their items each day to keep it tidy!

24-Pocket Hanging Shoe Organizer

  1.     Give Clutter the Boot

Dropping temperatures bring snow and rain, which your family is trekking into the house. Grab a tough doormat for the bottom of the coat closet to make a place for boots to dry without leaving puddles in the foyer.

Rope Handle Tub - 17 Gallon
HOMZ® PRO TIP: Get cozy with a Homz® Plastic Utility Tub full of extra socks and/or slippers in the closet. That way when you change out of your cold damp boots you can warm your feet up instantly!


Before you start your closet makeover, donate any unwanted items or throw away any ill-fitting clothing and accessories. This will make organizing much easier! Check back for even more organization inspiration next month.