Don’t Get Your Tinsel in a Tangle


The presents have been put away and the leftovers are almost gone, but your decorations are still up! Before you know it, spring will be knocking at your door and your wreath will still be hanging there.


With a ton of organization options, Homz® can help you put a wrap on your seasonal items to make decorating next year a breeze. Check out our favorite picks for holiday storage and start un-decking your halls!


Holiday Lights

Lights look especially nice around your tree and on the roof, but aren’t so appealing in a tangled pile after they’re taken down. Avoid the complicated mess and make cleanup easier with the Homz® Snaplock Light Wrap Box. With the ability to store up to 120 feet of string lights, holiday organization has never been neater.



HOMZ® PRO TIP: Let labels become your personal elves during the holidays. Mark which lights are for outdoor use and which go inside so you don’t mix them up next year.



It’s a holiday miracle if your wreaths don’t get crushed or ragged while in storage. Keep them looking like new with the Homz® Holiday Wreath Storage Box. Order more than one for every season. The clear lids make for easy viewing so you’ll never mistake the wrong wreath when changing them out for a new one.

HOMZ® PRO TIP: Dress your entry way all year and purchase post-season wreaths at a discount. Now that you have a great idea on how to store your wreaths, craft some fun ones for Spring, Summer, and Fall!


Wrapping Paper

Keep holiday wrapping paper from taking over your closet this season with the Homz® Wrapping Paper Storage. The container can hold up to 20 rolls of paper and the portable caddy on top to keep accessories is sure to impress even the hardcore gift wrapper!

HOMZ® PRO TIP: To take your paper storage to the next level, try using a rubber band around the tubes to keep the edges from wrinkling and ripping.



The Homz® Ornament Storage protects even the most delicate ornaments from breaking. Interlocking dividers will keep everything separated and organized in the clear container so you can see all of your favorites.

Holiday Latching Clear Storage - 64 Qt

HOMZ® PRO TIP: To assure any packing issues be sure to store the larger or heavier ornaments on the bottom and the lighter more delicate ones on top.


Christmas Tree

Keep your tree looking new every year with the Homz® Soft Artificial Christmas Tree Storage Bag. Packing up is a breeze with the easy-to-carry handle, taking away any excuse to keep your tree up through January. Plus, the durable material shields it from moisture and dust keeping it in great condition year after year.

HOMZ® PRO TIP: Take pictures of your decorated house and store the prints with decorations so you can recreate the look next season.


Odds and Ends

You’ll never mistake any of your holiday decorations for regular attic storage items ever again with the unmistakable green and red Homz® Holiday Storage Totes. From stockings and garland to tree skirts and Santa hats, the durable boxes will store all your seasonal goods and keep them lasting for years to come.

HOMZ® PRO TIP: Don’t lose anyone’s holiday treasures this year! Stuff all personal favorites into everyone’s own stocking to keep track of everything and make next year’s decorating drama-free.



Give the gift of post-holiday organization to your loved ones this year. Homz® makes it easy to un-decorate, so don’t wait to get your house back in order! Check out our other blogs to find year-round organizational inspiration.



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