A family of four can accumulate an average of five loads of dirty clothes per week, which means a lot of time spent in the laundry room – and yet it’s probably the one room in the house that so often doesn’t get the same amount of TLC. Give your laundry room an organization makeover, as well as a little flare, with these products from Homz.


Create Stations
It is easy to lose focus on the tidiness of a laundry room (after all, it’s all laundry, right?), but the key to organization is making sure you are designating space to each step of the laundering process. Create a stain station for all your tough pre-wash needs and store all your treatments and other small accessories in the MyCraft Over the Door Hanging Organizer for added storage space. Then create a folding/ironing station with the Homz Iron and Ironing Board Holder with Basket. This easy-to-mount holder uses minimal wall space and conveniently holds your iron, supplies, and ironing board. Tight on space? The Homz Anywhere Ironing Board is 15% larger than typical countertop ironing boards but still portable enough to hang in a closet or wall to provide an easy out-of-the-way storage option.

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Get Imaginative with Space

A little ingenuity is often needed to create space in a laundry room. Consider flipping two shelf brackets on their heads and fastening them to the wall and shelf to store folded linens. The Homz Multi-Use Self-Adhesive Hooks are easy to mount on walls or undersides of shelves and are great for hanging shirts to dry or to support a towel rod for a row of shirts on hangers.

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Contain Your Cleaning Supplies

A common source of frustration in the laundry room (other than endless piles of dirty clothes) is finding a place for all those cleaning supplies. The Homz Woven Bin is a tough, plastic bin that boasts a fun basketweave design in several colors. This will ensure all your detergents, cleaners, and bleach are stored together in a stylish manner.



Go Vertical to Dry

Laundry rooms often become quickly cluttered when it comes time to dry, resulting in clothes draped over the dryer, cabinets, and doors. Utilize your room’s vertical space to create more space. The Homz Retractable Clothesline is easy to install and can expand up to eight feet of drying space, while the Hanging Sweater Dryer has a three-tier drying surface and easily hangs from any closet rod. Always a classic, the freestanding Drying Rack is collapsible and offers ample space for draping clothes. Finally, you can reclaim counter space to actually fold clothes!

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5 Tips to Decorate Your Laundry Room

Now that your laundry room is organized, give it a little flare with these simple tips

  1. It’s easy to forget to treat the laundry room as you would any other space in your house. Pick a color scheme and utilize it in determining curtains, wall colors, and décor.
  2. Keep a stylish change jar or piggy bank near your folding station to store loose change found when sorting clothes.
  3. Paint an outdoor box and fasten it to the wall near the dryer to use as a mini trash can for lint.
  4. Create a lost-sock clothesline to hang found socks in need of a mate.
  5. Find stylish penny candy jars to store powdered detergents or laundry pods (just be sure to keep them out of reach of little hands).


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