10 Life Hack to Staying Organized


Life Hack #1
We all hate searching through our kitchen drawers just to find that one plastic spoon or sauce packet. A great solution is to organize your drawers with Homz® small plastic bins to save space and keep clutter to a minimum. Bins are super affordable, and this hack will save you a ton of frustration in the long run.



Life Hack #2
The Homz® shoe organizer can be used in the bathroom to store soaps, shampoos, conditioners, lotions and more. You’ll have a ton of extra space in your cabinets and less stuff cluttering your counter. This quick hack will make your mornings go by smoother than ever!



Life Hack #3
Homz® 17 Gallon tubs can be used for a variety of different things; A cooler, bathing your pets, playroom storage and more! These are great to keep around the house since they have so many different uses.



Life Hack #4The Homz® shower caddy just became a lot more useful than we thought. Hang one up in the kitchen to store quick needs like coffee, salt & pepper, or even plants for display.




Life Hack #5
The Homz® decorative bins can be used for so many fun things. They look great in the office, at home, in children’s playrooms, craft rooms, and they can even be used in the garden.  These are inexpensive and come in a variety of different sizes and colors.



Life Hack #6
Homz® Bundle Buggy is a great item to keep around for everyday use. This premium cart is a great hack to use at the beach or a BBQ as a cooler. Lugging around that huge cooler can be a pain, instead, dump all your drinks and goodies into the insulated tote and you’ll be on a roll! This cart is great for quick trips to the grocery store, the beach, and the park.


Life Hack #7We throw everything in our trunk and tell ourselves “We’ll get it later” not realizing we never actually get to it and the trunk becomes a MESS! A trunk organizer is great for wholesale grocery trips, and anytime when bags are limited. Simply put all your items in the organizer after checkout and once you get to your car sit it directly in your trunk, and carry it inside once your home. The padded handles make the transport so easy.


Life Hack #8
When having a fun day out at the park or beach with the kids try and keep toys and books all in one Homz® clear storage tote. Using a clear tote makes it easier to see what it is inside, and helps keep everything organized.



Life Hack #9
The Homz® over the door ironing board is a great time saver for those busy mornings because of its super easy setup. It’s also ideal for small dorm room spaces. Can be used to iron quickly in the morning, or double as a desk to do a bit of studying on with your laptop.



Life Hack #10
The Homz® back seat organizer makes traveling with kids so much easier. Solve all of your back seat clutter problems by organizing the kid’s favorites. Hang it up on a hook in the house and easily take it “on-the-go” in the car.